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Another Discussion Question for Nutting



As we are all acutely aware right now, the US is presently in a time when we appreciate the importance of good leaders. We all realize that leaders can make wise or unwise decisions in times of crisis, and we would certainly rather have leaders that make wise decisions and lead us in good directions.

Willis Nutting's book, The Free City, is at least partly about the education of people who will become the world's future leaders, and he has some ideas about what kind of education these future leaders ought to have. We would like to hear your thoughts on the questions below.

Please respond to some of these questions in the folder for your seminar group, and then discuss them with each other.

(In order to avoid the potential polarizations that can result from politicized arguments, it will probably be best to keep this discussion more about "leaders in general" rather than about any particular political leaders in our world right now that you might especially like or dislike.)

      1. What kind of education does Nutting say a good leader ought to have? In other words, as far as you understand him, what are some of the recommendations that Nutting makes for the education of wise and good leaders? What would be some characteristics of the kind of education he would like to see in a good leader?

      2. Which of Nutting's suggestions do you personally agree (or disagree) with? Please explain.

      3. As you understand him, what does Nutting think might be the risks of having leaders who do not have the kind of education he recommends?

      4. What does he think would be the benefits of having leaders who do have the kind of education he thinks they ought to have?

      5. Which of Nutting's ideas about the importance of education for the world's future leaders do you find yourself personally agreeing (or disagreeing) with? Please explain why.