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(Spring 2007)
Week One Before 4/4 (Wednesday) 8pm

Learn Site (FirstClass Tutorial)** and place biographical information online

(Future assignments will be due on Tuesdays and Fridays - with some rare exceptiions.)

See instructions for how to download our FirstClass classroom software

Before 4/6 (Friday) 8pm

The Free City, by Willis Nutting (read Chapters One through four online) Click here for study questions and seminar online assignment (to be posted shortly).

Seminar discussion questions can be found here. Please post your responses to the questions into the "whole class seminar" folder as soon as you are able so that you may respond to as many classmates as possible. Last Date for posting is Friday at 8PM. Initial postings should begin now so that the whole discussion can be completed by Fri evening.

Week Two

Before 4/10 (Tue) 8PM

• Read: Plato,The Trial and Death of Socrates: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo
• Read: Lectures
• Write: SQs and DQs

Before 4/13 (Friday) 8PM

• Read:Oedipus Rex found in Robert Fagles The Three Theban Plays. (pages 159-251) and the Introduction (afterwards, pages 131-153).
• Read: The introduction: "Greece and the Theatre" on pages 13 through 30 in the same text and Oedipus: The Set-up mini-lecture.
Write: DQs

First writing assignment- the thesis paragraph: Due on Saturday by 8 PM
Click here for assignment

Week Three

Before 4/17 (Tue) 8PM

• Read: Francis Bacon, Idols that Beset Men's Minds
Bacon Intro lecture
• Write: SQs for Bacon (post in SQs folder)
• Write and discuss DQs for Bacon in seminar folder

Before 4/20 (Friday) 8PM

• Read: Peirce's essay
• Read: Mini-lecture on Peirce
• Write: SQs for Peirce
• Write: DQs for Peirce

Second Writing Assignment:
Due by Saturday Evening at 8PM. Post in the papers folder. Click here for the assignment.
Mid Quarter Self Evaluation - Due by Monday at 8PM
Download SE Form here

Week Four

Before 4/24 (Tue) 8PM

• Read:Read Mini Lecture and Intro to Brecht
• Read:Read Brecht's Galileo translated by Eric Bentley (do not read the introduction).
• Write:SQs
• Write: DQs

Before 4/27 (Friday) 8PM

• Read:Pinter Lectures
• Read: Pinter's The Collection
• Write:SQs
• Write: DQs

Writing Assignment

Please Click here for assignments for Week Five;
these writing assignments will occupy the full week.

The Lectures for next week are being posted early if you wish to get a head start. Please make sure that you give full attention to the writing assignment for this week, though, before becoming too immersed in them, although reading them ahead and then again is a good idea.

Week Six

Before 5/8 (Tue) 8PM

• Rd:Epistemology Lecs: Part I

DQs for Epistemology

Before 5/11 (Friday) 8PM

• Read: continue Epistemology I
• Discuss Locke

Week Seven

Before 5/15 (Tue) 8PM

• Read:Epistemology Lecs II
• Discuss Berkeley, Hume & Kant

Before 5/18 (Friday) 8PM

• Read:Lecture : Intro to Copenhagen - Other lectures are optional (but good)
• Read: Copenhagen by Michael Frayn - the recording is now available for you in the FirstClass folder. Please listen along as you read. Please read and listen more than one time.
• Write:SQs
• Write: DQs

Paragraph due Writing assignment will be a paragraph due by Sunday evening.

Click here for writing assignment.

Week Eight

Before 5/22 (Tue) 8PM

• continue with Copenhagen

Before 5/25 (Friday) 8PM

• Read:Edwin Abbott, Flatland Part I, chps 1 & 2; Part II, all chps.
• Read:Introduction to Flatland
• DQs

Paragraph assignment on Flatland due by Sunday evening at 6PM
Click here for assignment

Week Nine

Before 5/29 (Tue) 8PM

• Read:Introduction to August Wilson and his work. Click here.
• Read: The Piano Lesson by August Wilson
• Write:
Discussion questions only this week. No SQs.

Before 6/1 Friday) 8PM

•rd: Preface, chp 1, and chp 5 of Huston Smith's Forgotten Truth
•wt:SQs for Forgotten Truth
•wt/disc: DQs for Forgotten Truth

•wt: click here for new writing assgmt

Writing assignment: See "click here" above.
Week Ten

Before 6/5 (Tue) 8PM

• Rd: Re-read Smith FT assgmt
• Wt:Continue discussing Smith Qs

6/8 (FRI) 8PM

• Read: these parts of Underhill's Mysticism:
• Preface to the 1st edition;
• Part One chapters 1 and 4;
• Part Two, Chapters 1, 2, and the Conclusion
• Write:
Answer Study Questions
• Write: Discuss DQs

Week Eleven

Before 6/12 (Tue) 8PM

Thesis paper final draft due Wednesday the 8th.


• Final Exam posted by Wednesday 8pm
• Final Exam discussion completed by Fri 8pm

•Final SE due between Friday at 6pm (not before) and Saturday at 6pm (not after)

Download Final SE Form here. The final SE should cover your work for the entire quarter.