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Writing Assignment for

Edwin Abbott's Flatland



The writing assignment this week is to write one paragraph on one significant idea in Edwin Abbott’s Flatland.

Identify some idea that you see presented in Flatland which suggests something of a new direction in the course; i.e., some new idea about “how we know” that has not really been expressed by our other authors so far this quarter. In other words, do you see any ideas about Ways of Knowing in Flatland, which are new to the course? If so, pick one of those new ideas and write one short paragraph about it in the following way:

    1. Identify what the new idea is that you see in Flatland.
    2. Express that idea as best you can in one sentence.
    3. Select one or two short passages from Flatland, which express that idea and include them in your paragraph.
    4. Explicate for your readers what you understand that (or those) passage(s) to mean.
    5. Summarize the idea in your paragraph’s conclusion.

The final draft of this paragraph is due by 6pm Sunday evening. You may wish to ask fellow students for feedback on early drafts of your paragraph, and rewriting is always a good idea, but the final draft needs to be posted no later than 6pm Sunday evening.

Paragraphs should be posted in the Diane’s Papers and Tom’s Papers folders.