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Plato - The Trial and Death of Socrates


A few notes on the assignment:

Readings: Plato's dialogue titled The Euthyphro, in The Trial and Death of Socrates.

Links to these lectures can be found on the Lectures homepage. The lectures are titled:

  • Who is Socrates?
  • The Socratic method
  • Socrates as midwife
  • Indirect Communication a la Kierkegaard
  • Dad and George
  • There are two or three other associated mini-lectures in there too that you will be accessing via links from inside the main lectures.

Discussion Qs:

  • Would you say that Socrates in any way lies to, or is untruthful with, Euthyphro during his conversation with Euthyphro?
  • Is Socrates intending primarily to learn from Euthyphro, do you think, or to teach Euthyphro?
  • Do you consider indirect communication (SK's definition) to be an effective tool for Socrates when he is communicating about "these things?"
  • Do you consider indirect communication to be a morally legitimate and acceptable tool for Socrates to use when communicating about "these things?"
  • + Respond to the questions at the end of the story about Dad & George

Due: 8pm

Reminder: Your participation in the seminar discussions is a crucial part of your involvement in the course, so you'll want to participate fully. The discussions so far seem to have gotten off to a very good start. So go to it.

Starting your participation in the discussions as early as possible in the assignment period is important so that others will have time to read what you've posted, think about it, and respond, and so you'll have time to reply to their responses, etc etc, is important. Just posting your answers to the DQs on the last day of the assignment period doesn't really constitute "active participation" in the discussion, and active participation in all discussions is essential for earning a decent grade in the course.

Good luck with it.

Tom and Diane