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Discussion questions for Copenhagen. To be posted in semniar discussion folder.




1 a. What is Bohr's theory of complementarity (explained simply please).

1 b. How is this theory refelected in the experiences and memories of the characters in the play?

2 a. What is the essence of Heisenberg's "uncertainly principle"?

2 b. How is that principle used as part of the story of the play itself?

3. Look at the dialogue on page 71 between the three characters: Bohr makes a case that what the two scientists did was important because : "we put man back at the centre of the universe!" and then goes on to explain how they did that starting with Einstein. what does he mean by that?

4. Margrethe speaks of how this anthropocentric view affects the way we see things and ourselves. (This is demonstrated vividly on page 87 as Margrethe describes what she sees and what others cannot see). Explain.