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PROGRAM THEME : Willis Nutting has written, "There are great realities to be known and many ways of knowing each of them." These 'great realities,' those of human nature, human society, the physical universe and the spiritual world, have traditionally been explored through the lenses of philosophy, history, the natural and social sciences, mathematics, the arts or the intuitive nature of faith. In this team-taught coordinated studies combining literature, philosophy and history you will have the opportunity to explore some of these'great realities'as you are introduced to "ways of knowing."

PROGRAM FORMAT: A coordinated studies program is different from regular courses. We emphasize a sense of community where students and faculty learn together. Students are encouraged to cooperate with each other and be more responsible for their own learning. You will learn how to read, write about, and discuss important works from classic philosophy, traditional religion, dramatic literature and postmodern criticism which question or support different claims to knowing the truth. In small online seminars you will examine personal and cultural assumptions and beliefs in light of several opposing world views. You will develop more complex critical thinking skills so you can more confidently affirm that which you believe to be true. The faculty team will provide traditional online lectures, facilitate the development of your academic skills, and participate as a learner so as to create a productive learning community. You will also learn how to interact with others in online discussion groups.